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HLUK Insurance Approved Qualifications.

There are now many different Trade organisations and Accreditation Organisations, offering a bewildering array of membership/qualifications. Please note: It is impossible to gain NVQ qualifications through a home study course. This applies to ALL Home Study/Distance Learning Providers.

So, which qualification should I choose?

Completing a Home Study Course should not be just about the Qualification.

 Searching and believing the Qualification is the "Thing" causes confusion and bad choices.

We offer the advice below:

Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the course cover every element/unit/section that I want to learn?
  • Can I prove my success, and have a real portfolio that I can be proud of?
  • Is my work marked honestly/professionally, with help and advice if needed?
  • Is my completed Portfolio of Evidence and the HLUK Diploma recognised?

The answer to above questions, is of course a very definite YES!

We guarantee that all of our courses lead to a professional portfolio of evidence. Our unique HLUK Portfolio of evidence system is the best way to prove your success and ability. Most of our courses will lead to our HLUK insurance approved Distance Learning Certificate or Diploma, issued by your Tutor and will state Pass, Merit or Distinction and the level 1, 2 or 3.

Our qualifications are distance learning versions of the traditional types of awards that have been accepted for decades. Our HLUK Certificates or Diplomas have been accepted and recognised for over 10 years. Nationally, by Employers in every sector that we cover. (Far longer than most qualifications offered by our competitors) Our attention to detail, in making sure that all HLUK students produce a professional portfolio of evidence, means we have the highest possible number of successful and satisfied students.

Our qualifications and methods of training have been approved for far longer than most other website/online suppliers you may have seen! We guarantee that our students can obtain Public Liability Insurance.

Please be aware that companies that offer "accredited"  qualifications do not always offer good quality content/support or guaranteed Insurance Approval. We could offer courses that lead to "accredited" qualifications. We have inspected those currently offered by our competitors, and most do not meet our high standards. 

Remember; Just because a qualification from our competitors is described as accredited, does not mean it is highly regarded, or even known, by Professionals in your chosen area of interest and study.


Home Learn tutors are chosen for their Qualifications, experience and knowledge of open and distance learning. Your Tutor will give helpful advice and encouraging feedback on your work, so that you can build absolute proof and evidence of your new skills, achieve your full potential and be proud of your portfolio of evidence.

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